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January 17, 2019 – I wanted to give you some happy feedback on your page (Nobody just gives positive feedback anymore.) My daughter’s girl scout group is having an event where they get to pick any patch, research it at home, present it to the troop, and earn the patch. Layla picked the Gardener Badge. I’ve never taken to plants well, but she loves helping me each year with our small garden; I always plant Cosmos, Pansies, and Begonias, mainly because they are the only ones that I don’t seem to kill haha. Layla and I decided to hit the ‘books’ and do some research online, which is when we came across your page. Thank you!

Layla had also found this gardening page that covers both flower and vegetable gardens and has some fun projects that Layla and I are going to try this weekend! As we are beginners these pages helped a lot and we figured we would let you know about it! I remember how full of life and color my dad’s garden was, from his compost pile. It saved on waste too Could you add it? I know Layla would be excited to see it and we hope we could help other novice gardeners, just like you helped us!

Thanks again!
Layla and Carrie Jacobson



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