Growing Dahlias – DVD


After five years in circulation and over 450 units sold, the NCDS video, Dahlia: A Video Growing Guide has moved to DVD. Taking advantage of the more popular DVD technology, we have new inventory ready for release. It’s the same great program, including the low purchase price of $24.95 but now comes with the added quality and convenience of digitally mastered and reproduced images.

The Dahlia Video is more beautiful than ever in its new digital format but still retains the same great information for dahlia growers of all types. Novice and experienced growers alike can see how the experts bring a dahlia garden to bloom — step by step. This program has proved to be excellent for individual growers, dahlia clubs, and other garden groups who are captivated as dahlias, in full summer bloom, dance across the screen. It’s motivational, it’s informative, and most of all, the video is an inspiration to all dahlia lovers.

If you already own the video in its original format but want to bring your dahlias into the 21st century, order Dahlia: A Video Growing Guide on DVD. Your order will be shipped promptly.

Pricing for the 36-minute DVD is as follows:

  • 1 DVD $24.95 ea.
  • 2-10 DVDs $21.95 ea.
  • 11+ DVDs $19.95 ea.

Order your DVD now! To order by mail, send your check or money order made payable to NCDS along with your name, address, city, state, and zip to:


23721 Roling Fork Way

Gaithersburg, MD 20882

Shipping. $9.00 Priority Shipping-domestically. $25.00 Internationally